Each student can choose to do Thumbs Up Map full and receive the report with three outputs (CV + Skill Analysis + Orientation) or focus on one test of the list, depending on his or her needs. Go ahead and choose your test.

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Click here if you are a Young Professional (University Student or already looking for a job)

“Exploring the map is an entertaining experience that makes me more curious and aware of my own skills, attributes and ambitions. I get to know more about the labor market and learn the best ways for me to approach it. I have also learned how to write an attractive CV and how to prepare myself for a job interview.”

University student (Germany)

“I used Thumbs Up Map as an instrument for my students in order to assess them at the beginning and the end of their university path in order to monitor their improvement on skills, their motivation, and their expectations toward the labor market.”

Professor of Logistic for Engineer Students (UK)

“We are a small but fast growing company and we do not have an HR department. Thumbs UP map helped us to identify in short time the right persons and this contributed to great company results. It’s not just a matter of CV and skill but rather motivation!”

CEO IT company (Spain)

“Thumbs Up Map helped us to find an internship for our students. The report produces a sort of CV which is useful in order to present the candidate aligning the student’s profile with the company availability.”

Liceo Classico (Italy)

“Exploring the map is an entertaining experience that makes me more curious and aware of myself.

I get to know more about the labor market and how to approach it.
I also learn how to write my CV and get ready for a job interview”.

Martin, University student (Germany)